This contract is binding upon the performer and purchaser and may be canceled only if

  1. There is a mutual agreement between the parties, or by an act of God (not to include rain)
  2. If the Performer is in an accident due to travel, or incapacitated due to illness.

If there is a cancellation by Perry Yan, he will find a reputable replacement entertainer  at which point the Purchaser has the option to accept or decline the substitute performer.  If no acceptable substitute is found, the 50% retainer fee will be refunded. If there is a cancellation by the Purchaser, the retainer fee is forfeited. 

All balances due must paid in full the day of performance. Due to the busy performance schedule, all performances must begin on time. Thank you!

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Total Fee: $
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For the 50% retainer fee.Please make check payable to “Perry Yan” and mail to:

Perry Yan
934 Fargo Ave
San Leandro,Ca 94579

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Signed On: March 5, 2021

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