Perry’s Most Popular Balloon Creations
Freshly Made and Delivered to YOUR EVENT!!!

Benefits to the premade balloons

1) Every balloon creation is very detailed. A live balloon twister won’t be able to match the quality and designs of Perry’s designs because they have people waiting and need to keep their balloon sculptures quick to keep the line moving.

2) No wait time for a fancy creation. Younger kids will get antsy waiting in line. The majority of the kids just want an elaborate balloon anyway. They don’t REALLY need to have is sculpted in-front of them.

3) The balloons make a great take home gift for all the kids. These can serve as goodie bags 

4) The cost is more affordable than hiring a live balloon twister who can only make simple designs. A really good balloon twister that can make designs will cost at least 2x as much.


Smaller Orders (Pick up in San Leandro)
$10 Per Balloon

Smaller Orders (Pick up in San Leandro)
$10 Per Balloon

Bulk Pricing
$175 for 20 fancy premade balloons delivered to you in San Leandro or Hayward
$225 for 20 fancy premade balloons delivered to you in the Bay Area

For larger orders. Please contact Perry for a new quote.

Ordering instructions

Simply send an email to “[email protected]” saying how many balloon creations you want. Prepay the balloon delivery amount and Perry will deliver the balloons fresh to your door.


Q:When are the balloons made?

A:Each one of your sculptures are made during the night before or the morning of the event to ensure maximum freshness and they will be delivered to your event either by me personally or my assistance at a date/time/location most convenient for you.

Q: How long do the balloons last?

A: As long as the kids take care of the balloon. The balloons will last up to two weeks. Many clients have told Perry that they still have their balloons a month afterwards.