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General booking questions

How much do you charge?

Since every event is different, basic information about your event is needed in order to give you an accurate quote. Click here to contact Perry and receive a quick price quote.

What information do I need before contacting you?

What is needed is, the type of event, event date, desired time slot, party city location, event setting, and the number of expected kids. Don’t worry, if you are still in the planning process and don’t have all the information, we can discuss that at a later time.

What is the best way to contact you?

The fastest and easiest way is to fill out the online contact form. It will contain all the necessary information in order for Perry to give you an accurate quote. If you feel more comfortable talking to Perry over the phone, you can reach him via his office line @415-601-2249.

Please keep in mind that Perry has a very busy performing schedule and won’t always be in his office (That’s one trick he hasn’t mastered yet). Rest assure a response from Perry is guaranteed within 24 hours or less. Note: Once you have booked and confirmed your event, Perry will provide you with his personal cell phone number and is just a call away, in case you need to urgently reach him.

What is your booking process like? Do you require a deposit?

With most other entertainers, the booking process can be frustrating at time, in which you would have to sign and mail confusing contracts. With Perry, this is going to be the easiest booking process you will ever experience. No Hassle, no confusion, straight to the point.

The first step is by contacting Perry (Click here). Once you are ready to book , all you have to do is send Perry the event address and a 50% deposit.

Perry can accept deposits in forms of  Venmo, Zelle via your bank, Apple Pay, Square cash or check. The remaining balance will be due on the day of your event. Note: Deposits are non refundable, however your deposit is not totally lost. You can use that deposit to reschedule for a Monday-Friday date.

What makes you different from all the other entertainers?

Here at PyMagic, you’ll get the best experience possible! You will be treated like a VIP! See what makes Perry different from the others: -A website that is easy to navigate and understand -Quick response & customer service -Easy, straight forward booking process -Outstanding quality magic & balloon twisting creations -100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Magic show questions

Whats in your magic show?

Click here to see complete details of the magic show

Do you perform outdoors?

On a nice day yes, but indoors is the best choice for a magic show. Outdoor elements like wind, extreme heat, outdoor ambiance can distract your guests from experiencing the full potential of the magic show.

What set up do you need for the magic show?

Perry’s show is entirely self-contained. Perry will bring everything necessary for his magic show. All he needs is about 5-7 feet of clearing space between him and your guests.

How much time do you need to set up the show?

The show sets up in about 8-10 minutes. Perry will normally arrive 15-20 minutes before show time to set up all of his props and equipment.

Can I take pictures or record during the show?

Take as many pictures as you would like. If you take some good shots, send me a few, I would love to see them ? Sorry, recording is not allowed. The only exception is if your child is on stage with Perry.

Will your theatrical backdrop fit in my performing area?

Yes, the backdrop is adjustable and will fit in most performing areas, big or small. Note: The backdrop is only available for indoor shows.

balloon twisting questions

How long do the balloons usually last?

Balloons will typically last up to about two weeks. Many people have told Perry that their balloons lasted an entire month or more. The keywords here are “care & caution”.

What makes your balloon sculptures different from others?

What is this balloon wearable feature you are talking about?

Do you accept custom orders & delivery?

Yes, Perry can make any customized balloons per your request. To ensure maximum freshness, the balloons are made during the night prior to your event or the morning of. As stated in previous answers, the average lifespan of the balloons is 2 weeks to a month. For special delivery, either Perry or one of his assistants will take the balloons to your event at a time that works best for you.

Why do your balloons last longer?

Perry only uses professional grade balloons (The best money can buy). These balloons are more durable than your average store bought balloons.

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