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Next Level Balloon Art

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What makes Perry  different from other balloon artist?

-Skilled enough to take custom request

 -Balloon wearables feature

-Designs that actually

look like the request

4 Key features of having the balloons wearable

1. Chances of balloon popping are reduce dramatically
2. Balloon won’t be lost or blow away outdoors
3. Parents don’t have to hold onto their child’s balloon
4. Kids will have their hands free to eat and participate in other activities

Balloon Sculptures that will impress both kids and adults…Guaranteed!

There are quite a few balloon twisters in the San Francisco Bay Area….. majority of them only offer simple balloon dogs & swords, while passing themselves off as a balloon artist. When it comes to your event and nothing but the best matters, then the choice is very simple, Perry’s balloon creations at your service. Perry is the number 1 pick for parents in the entire San Francisco bay area.

“I was throwing an event for my company recently, and I had an idea in my head for a balloonist. Now, I wasn’t sure how hundreds of adults would react to balloon animals, but let me tell you it was AWESOME and everyone loved it! If you are having a corporate party, seriously, call Perry up.”
Jenny U

Professional Equipment

If you’ve ever tried to blow up a balloon using a small hand pump, you will realize it takes a long time to fully inflate.This method creates a lot of unnecessary downtime. But don’t worry because Perry has solved the problem! Perry had a balloon pump custom made for him. His balloon pump inflates a balloon at lightening speed. Not only is inflating a balloon that fast amazing to see, because its so fast even more balloons can be made for your guests.

10 years ago it may have been okay to inflate a balloon by mouth, but times have changed. Although Perry can inflate a balloon by mouth he always chooses to use his balloon pump. Not only is pump inflating more sanitary but it’s also a lot faster. Plus Perry doesn’t want to pass out from inflating too many balloons by mouth

Longer Lasting Balloons

There is a HUGE difference between store bought balloons and balloons that are specifically made for professional twisting. Perry uses Qualatex brand balloons which are a lot stronger and will make your sculptures last much longer. Perry’s balloon inventory is always properly stored in a cool dry place keeping them as fresh as possible. New and fresh balloons will always be used so your guests receive the high quality balloon sculptures possible.

See what others have said about Perry’s services!

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Jon M-
We just had Perry this weekend for my daughter’s 7th birthday party. Everyone (and I mean everyone) enjoyed his show. He had the kids and the adults laughing and very entertained. Perry’s balloon twisting skills is legit too. Don’t look any further people! Hire Perry Yan NOW!!!

Aly W-
I cannot say enough good things about Perry Yan. From start to finish the entire process was easy. He was timely with his communication during the booking process and followed through with an email after the party. We had 20 kids between the ages of 18 months up to 10 years old. They were all mesmerized by his magic show and were quiet and attentive through the whole thing because he was great at captivating the audience. The balloon sculptures were amazing and the kids loved them.
I highly recommend Perry Yan!

Deanna W-
I’ve seen Perry a couple of times and his tricks were amazing! My daughter begged me for a few months to have Perry. It was the highlight of my party and he even captivated most of the adults at the party too. Thanks Perry for putting on a great show.. oh and for all those marvelous balloons you make!!!